Counseling / Resources

As professionals, it is our responsibility to help your child get the best possible education. A good education is not only learning to read, write and do math, but also includes learning good social skills. This means, among other things, learning how to get along with peers, making good decisions, controlling emotions and impulses, accepting responsibility, and being aware of personal strengths. Ideally, these skills are taught at home. School counselors supplement the learning from home through individual and small group work as well as classroom instruction. We also help students who are facing particular problems. If your family is experiencing anything out of the ordinary, please let me know. If I am aware of challenges your child might be facing, I may be able to help both your child and you with difficulties that surface. A parent, student, teacher or administrator can refer a student for counseling. You can find me at school throughout the week, through email at [email protected], or leave a phone message for me at the PCRHS office. Please, feel free to contact me. ~Jenni Hightower


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