There is a direct correlation between attendance and academic success. Students attending PCRHS are enrolled in classes which run for nine weeks rather than a semester. Attendance is extremely important as we typically cover more instructional material in one day than a traditional school.

We care about our students and encourage frequent home-school communication. In the event of an absence from any class, office staff will contact a parent or guardian. However, if possible, we greatly appreciate any of the following forms of contact in advance of an absence: phone call, email, written note, or in-person.

If a student accumulates five absences in any class within a quarter, the student will NOT receive credit for that class. A student who loses credit in a class may appeal the decision if they:

1. Have achieved a final grade of 80% in the class -OR-
2. Can provide legitimate reasons/documentation (i.e. doctor's notes, legal documents, approved activity absence, etc.) for absences.

Any further action will be taken in accordance with MSD281 School Board Policy.